From December 2018 through May 2019



Belize has the biggest coral reef of the northern hemisphere, and only second in size to the Great Barrier in Australia. There are 450 islands and the variety of atolls, beaches and lagoons ensures an incredible fauna. The whole Caribbean biodiversity can be found, together with whales sharks, dolphins, turtles, manatee  and huge variety of birds. Since 1996 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage, aiming at preserving the environment and limiting human activities. Many reef sections are Marine Reserves, where underwater flora and fauna are just stunning. Few places as the Caribbean Gulf managed to limit the human interaction in order to save the natural marine environment: Belize is among them. Totally untouched environments that will remain so by careful and thoughtful sailing across this paradise.



The coastal area is covered by lush tropical forests, still hiding magical mysterious Maya ruins. Sailing in Belize water with charter boat with no skipper is only allowed in the innermost reefs: a skipper is required for the outermost routes and destinations. This is where our fantastic holiday experience will bring us, further away from more touristic areas, to truly provide unforgettable memories. UNESCO protection system of the reefs allows for caring exploration of the atolls and beaches, lagoons and mangrove forests. We will be able to dive in paradisiac environments




There will be weekly cruising, 8 days / 7 nights aboard. Boarding generally at Saturday, meeting point in Fort George Marina in Belize City. Upon request, depending on my schedule, i will accept even shorter (min 4 days / 3 nights) or longer periods. Contact me directly on whatsapp +39 348 5853781 or write me

The routes will be defined together, taking in consideration everyone's need. Sailing will never be too long and tiring, most of the time will be dedicated to leisure activities and exploration of the pristine environment we will be in

above and below water. Night moorings will be on the anchor, in safe and protected lagoons.

Next Saturday you will step out of the catamaran in the same place, Belize City, ready for the short taxi delivery to BZE international airport. And back home..............









The Great Barrier Reef shown on a navigation chart.


Routes and destinations varies among countless islands and lagoons: every day will be a new discovery.


You will swim in crystal clear waters. Even the people with less diving experience will be able to enjoy the breathless underwater scenery. With the dinghy we will travel to different spots around the reef to dedicate more time at exploring new places and spend more time underwater. Snorkeling In the Marine Reserves will be like swimming in an Aquarius. If you are a Kite Surf enthusiast, you can fly in the best possible conditions of steady wind and flat water, setting of with the on board kite gear!


It's one of the main activities. Everybody can join, from beginners that will be introduced to the most basic techniques of swimming with a mask and a snorkel and fins, to more expert divers: everybody will enjoy stunning underwater-scapes. Several publications mention these waters as themes attractive for underwater explorations, no exceptions. As I hold a CMAS  Instructor Licence, I will personally be present and overlook the expeditions in order to ensure maximum safety.


For diving enthusiasts we will be able to organise appropriate gear rental form local diving centres. 

Needles to say that diving deeper in these locations will allow you to witness unthinkable beauties.


The sea is rich of deep water fishes: during our sailing we will try to fish hoping for the "catch of the day", that could surely make up for the following meals, grilled or oven-cooked.







Why not simply RELAXING on the wide sunbathing areas on the catamaran or under a palm tree on the beach? It could be a great solution to wait for the aperitif time before a gourmet dinner with local products.


This is THE ideal holiday for absolutely everyone. Safety on board and comfort provide for the best holiday for families, couples, or group of friends. If you want to get to know other people from other countries that share the same passion for luxurious and adventure holidays, this is your chance to come on board and have a great time, a holiday you will hardly forget. Already many groups are becoming fixed clients year after year, waiting to come back on board to be able to witness and live the time of their lives.


The Blue Hole was declared by Discovery Channel to be among the 10 most stunning natural places, and J.Y:Cousteau as one of the 10 most interesting diving places. No further introduction needed for this pearl. It's a natural depression that is 300 meters wide and 123 meters deep.

Tobacco Cay is a small sandy island in the middle of reefs where above and below-water activities are just enjoyable.

Bird island, where hundreds of bird species nest.


Elkorn Forest is a place that get its name from the abundance of madrepora, the organism of coral reefs: together with sea weed fields, hosts thousands of species of marine life.

Half Moon Cay hosts an observation tower that allows you to witness frigate birds nesting within few meters.

Angelfish Wall calls for a stunning amount of Angel fishes, but also Parrot fishes and Mantae. 


Tarpon Caves hosts a natural growing field of giant sponges, that house a very intense marine wildlife.