From 24 DECEMBER to 6 JANUARY                                                                                            

Arrival at Linton bay Marina, from the International Airport of Panama.


And here the adventure begins. You will remember this holiday for long, such places remain imprinted in your memories. The schedule will be agreed toghether by mutual agreement; according to the needs of each one we will establish a navigation program that satisfies everyone. A few miles, so many miles, starting at dawn, delaying a bit, you personally will decide what you like.

From Carti to the San Blas Islands there are few miles, that is a fast and pleasant navigation; in the meanwhile we will try to catch a fish, good for dinner.

The day does not know the stress: normally every day we will sail and move between the islands, navigate on a crystalline sea and adhere to islands that are the Caribbean icon for excellence. The islands are 378, consequently .... Palms and sand, surrounded by a turquoise sea. Unhabited or almost: the whole archipelago benefit from a particular administrative situation, as local Indians, the Kuna, have political autonomy over the territory that goes beyond the centrality of the Panamanian state. So the Kuna inhabits the islands and administers them. We will have frequent relationships with them as they sell fruit, fish, and their handicrafts.

The water temperature is agreeable, swimming last for hours. The underwater environment is incredibly rich, any novice of snorkel will see the unimaginable, down there. If you have few confidence with snorkeling, I will personally guide you in a world that after many years of underwater experience still fascinates me deeply: you will be excited too.

The catamaran concept is superb when compared to a traditional monohull sailboat. It is always horizontal, so it does not heel with the wind while navigating. It's not affected by rolling when it is at anchor. It has a very large external surface area . And above all it has a sun-protected outdoor space, with a large table, directly connected with the kitchen and the interior sofa: you do not go down 'in' the boat, you just enter it, at the same level.

If a day is to be spent on a trip in the Panama rainforest, we can agree with the Kuna; they will arrange a tour in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' atmosphere that will surely be very interesting. Nature in the pristine state.

All meals will therefore be a quiet, fresh and happy moment. Relax. We will prepare any kind of food, attentive to everybody's eating needs. Fish, vegetables and basic fruit, but also some more 'Italian' taste, pasta, risotto or whatever you like and can be prepared there. We have the gas BBQ outside, the fish or the crustaceans will be a delight for the palate.

Aperitif or sundowner? However will it be called, with appropriate music is a fair approach to the evening.

Dinner is really a magic moment: normally the anchor is lonely, and in the evening everything calms down. The colors fades, the birds end their explorations, the Sea Eagles and the Rays jump out of the water in search of the latest prey. The first stars light up and from the light shortly it will be dark, the magic of the night. Nothing disturbs, nothing pollutes.

The night is quiet, tomorrow is another day, another island, another discovery.





 Our first purpose, what we love most. From island to island the wind is always blowing. The catamaran is safe, comfortable and fast. Dry too, in case of a squall you can be well protected under the bimini in the cockpit.



Lay down on the high quality net webbing at the bow to relax on & work on your tan. Ask for a drink and enjoy the paradise. A Bose music sound system for the perfect sailing soundtrack.






Daily food direct from the sea: trolling is quite a remunerative activity.



Clear, warm water. A real pleasure for everybody: from the early dive in the morning, till the pre-dinner last swim, the whole day will be a gorgeous discovery. 



Under the large heat-protective canopy over the cockpit to provide plenty of cool shaded area, unforgettable launches and dinners. Delicious food from our professional Italian cook.

Departure from local airport of Porvenir, with a domestic flight to International Airport of Panama.