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Weekly Itinerary

Day 1


A transfer between the Panama City airport and the meeting point can be arranged with us. Otherwise you can come on your own at the meeting point in San Blas, the village of Carti,  where we will depart straight away for our first destination, Cayo Lemon, one of the many exquisite location around the archipelago.


Day 2


Experience the freedom and relax that a sailing boat can offer. Morning swims in crystal clear waters, exploring the shore with the tender, witness the rare beauty of the marine and land wildlife. A short and enjoyable sail will then bring us to the next destination, Chichime, where we will anchor in the sheltered lagoon and start the whole dream-holiday all over again, with plenty of mesmerising tongues of sand to visit both above and under water. Our chef will prepare dinner on board or lobsters await on the shore...


Day 3


The Kuna people are those that have traditionally always inhabited these islands. The pristine conditions of the San Blas islands give us the chance to be among the few tourists around thus come in contact with these people. In Cayo Holandes, destination of our third day of sailing, will will have the chance to buy local products as well as fresh fruits and vegetables from them.


Day 4


Coco Bandero awaits with golden sand, crystal water and emerald palms. The intensity of the colours we will be surrounded by resembles those of precious stones.  Then you will dive underwater, where the real treasure is found: parrot fishes, angel fishes, clownfishes and turtles all around you. When and if you will ever feel overwhelmed by such beauty, the boat will comfortably give you rest, maybe while reading your favourite book...


Day 5


This next stopover will once more make us interact with the local population, the Kuna. They are usually very hospitable and it's not to be excluded that we will be invited to join them for a meal, where we will truly witness the traditional life of a population that lives far from land on these small islands. Narganà is one of the islands that over the years has been fully constructed to allow the gathering of more Kuna people.


Day 6


Salar and Green Islands are probably the most astonishing of the whole San Blas region, and after leaving Narganà, we will approach this natural paradise on earth. 


Day 7


Get the chance not to miss out on your last morning swim of your holiday. You will go back to civilisation, after having experienced a true and exciting sailing life immersed in probably what is one of the last real natural environment on earth.


Back to reality, leaving from International Panama Airport


This is a detail of San Blas Archipelago: you can navigate here with a lot of island close at hand.

But for longer sailing all the eastern mainland is surrounded by islands.


Reefs and islands